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  Прислал: bkhodosh
   26 Марта 2008
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Wife: "What are you doing?"
Husband : Nothing.
Wife : "Nothing...? You"ve been reading our marriage certificate for an hour."
Husband : "I was looking for the expiry date."

Wife : "Do you want dinner?"
Husband : "Sure! What are my choices?"
Wife : "Yes or no."

Wife: "You always carry my photo in your wallet. Why?"
Hubby: "When there is a problem, no matter how great, I look at your picture and the problem disappears."
Wife: "You see how miraculous and powerful I am for you?"
Hubby: "Yes! I see your picture and ask myself what other problem can there be greater than this one?"

Stress Reliever Girl: "When we get married, I want to share all your worries, troubles and lighten your burden."
Boy: "It"s very kind of you, darling, but I don"t have any worries or troubles."
Girl: "Well that"s because we aren"t married yet."

Son: " Mum, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady."
Mom: "Well, you have done the right thing."
Son: "But mum, I was sitting on daddy"s lap."

A newly married man asked his wife, "Would you have married me if my father hadn"t left me a fortune?"
"Honey," the woman replied sweetly, "I"d have married you, NO MATTER WHO LEFT YOU A FORTUNE!"

Girl to her boyfriend: One kiss and I"ll be yours forever
The guy replies: "Thanks for the early warning."

A wife asked her husband: "What do you like most in me, my pretty face or my sexy body?"
He looked at her from head to toe and replied: "I like your sense of humor!"

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    I was having fun. Let’s next selection.

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